Below you will find some additional information about the columns. Please see the "I" tooltips in the columns themselves for descriptions.


The position where we first found the keyword on the day it was added. You can click the number to edit the number.

1d, 7d, 30d, Life

Here we show the number of positions up or down compared to the start value. If it is not been 7 days or 30 days since the keyword was added then nothing will show in those columns yet.

If a keyword or project is archived and then re-activated after some time, the values on these columns will reset and it will require a certain number of days before any movements can be seen:

1d column - 1 day

7d column - 7 days
30d column - 30 days

This applies to paused/cancelled accounts as well that are re-activated after some time.


If you are using a single URL in a project, you'll notice that the URL is now displayed at the top of the project.

The URL column will show / if the homepage is ranking or the page name if there is a page ranking. e.g /ranking-page-name

If you have more than one domain in the project then we will show the full domain in the URL column and the project name will show at the top.


We hope that this helps! Please reach out to us if there is anything else we can do to assist! 😃

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