Accurate monthly search volume data is included in all our packages so you will know the exact monthly searches received per month for the keyword.

What does Search Vol. mean in the report?

Search Vol. stands for monthly search volume. We gather this data using verified 3rd party APIs, including Google Keyword Planner.

Can I refresh my monthly Search Volume?

Your search volume values are updated periodically. If it shows a dash "—" this means it is 0 and valid. It usually only takes about an hour to get a result, and If it shows "Updating" for more than 72 hours then your Search Volume refresh could be stuck and you may ask our support team to force a manual refresh. Please also let us know the affected region to speed up the process.

Note: If your keyword has more than 80 characters it will not have MS volume collected.

Region Specific

We track the number of searches based on your Google region. It is region dependent, which means you will receive specific values matching the region you are tracking (for example, Canada for, Australia for


We also report back accurate values, rather than the ranges that Google recently implemented. 

Are you seeing an issue with accuracy?

You can do a quick verification within the Google Keyword Planner ( to verify the data we are seeing.

For - you can select "All Locations" as your search query, unless you have "Show USA" results within your settings enabled.

Dec 1, 2017: A recent Google Adwords Keyword update has caused them to stop reporting data for MS for certain keywords. This primarily affects niches in pharmaceuticals, violence, and more non-conventional niches.

For example the keyword "Karate Helmet" is returning search volume, however, the keyword "boxing head gear" appears to be triggering a violent keyword and therefore, no results are provided. In this case we would return a "0" for the results.

Data can also be verified with the Google Keyword Planner


We hope you find this helpful! If you need any further assistance, please contact us and we'll be more than glad to help you out.

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