Entering a location will make Keyword.com search the keyword from your desired location. We can track from country-level all the way down to ZIP/postal code.

This should be used if you plan on tracking keywords that rely on local traffic (i.e. "dentist" with a search location of Toronto).

Google Snack Pack & Tracking Local Listings

We offer full support for tracking local listings. We can track the "Snack Pack" within the organic listings and also maps.google.com directly.

We track local listings with both the URL and the GMB name. In the case that there is no website URL listed, we will try to match the GMB name.

Please make sure you add a GMB name to ensure proper tracking.

What is the Snack Pack?

The Google Snack Pack is the pack of local listing results that appear before the organic listings.

Tracking the Snack Pack

Simply toggle off the "Ignore Local Listings" to include the snack pack in your results. This will make it so that we count the Google Snack pack listings.

If your listing is found in the snack pack as the highest results then we will show the green flag to indicate that it is in the snack pack.

Tracking Local Maps

Google local maps (maps.google.com) can be tracked within the "Google Local Maps" tab.

These will show up with a Google Maps icon.


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