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Discover what your content is currently ranking for, so that you can optimize and drive more traffic to your website.

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We have unlocked the power of Google Search Console and added a “Keyword Suggestions” for your connected Projects.

Now you can easily see which keywords you are ranking for, but not tracking. With 1-click you can add these keywords to any of your projects, groups or tags.

To unlock the power of Google Search Console and Keyword Suggestions, you need to connect your Google Search Console profile to your account.

Connect Google Search Console

Note: If you manage multiple domains make sure that the Google account you have connected has permissions to all the properties you need to link to your Projects. Check out this article from Google on how to manage permissions.

Screenshot of menu with Google Search Console item
  • From the main menu, go to Google Search Console and connect your Google account

Screenshot of connected Google Search Console accounts
  • Once your account is connected you can link the GSC profile to any of your existing projects or groups

Start collecting suggested keywords

Once your Google Search Console profile is linked to a project, will start collecting suggestions for you.

  • In the Keyword Table, navigate to the Keyword Suggestion tab.

Screenshot of new Keyword Suggestion tab in the main keyword table.

Here, you will see all the keywords and phrases that your website is ranking for, together with the impressions, CTR and clicks.

Screenshot of suggested keywords with SEO metrics - impressions, average position, clicks and CTR.
  • By default the app will list all keywords that it collects from Google Search Console. You can add rules to control what keywords are being suggested for your project.

  • Enter a date to get the keywords you were ranking for at the specified time.

You can choose to automatically add the suggestions to your project, by clicking on the "Automatically add suggested keywords to current project, group or tag". This will check daily for new suggestions and add them to the main project that the Google Search Console account is linked to.

Add suggested keywords to project

  • Adding the keywords to projects is super easy. You can choose to add them all in 1-click, or select which ones you want and add them.

Screenshot of user selecting keywords to add to their project.
  • At this point, you can choose to add the keywords to multiple projects, groups or tags.

Screenshot of project, region, device and tag selection when adding the keywords
  • You can also choose to remove the keywords from the suggestion list. If you do this, the app will not show you these suggestions again.

  • If you remove a keyword from the list, and then later decide you want to track it, simply go to the "View Removed Keywords List" and reinstate them.

  • Once the keywords are added to your project, group or tag they will have the "G" icon to help you identify any keywords from Google Search Console.

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