Retroactive Competitor Tracking

You can now track side by side any competitors directly in your historical charts.

  • No need to add competitors in advance (retroactively)

  • Track any and unlimited competitors

Did a competitor popup recently that you are unaware of? Just enter their domain, and we'll pull back all the historical rankings for you.

How far back can I go?
We are currently limiting this data to 30 days. We will open this up to go back as far as April 2020 (or when you added the keyword in, whichever is earlier) in the near future.

Do I need to add a new project or add this competitor to the system in advance?

No need to track it in advance, we are collecting just a sh*t load of data and storing this :)

30-day Spyglass Lookback

Had a jump or drop in rankings? Did your competitor move in rankings? You can now go back in time and use our Spyglass verification tool to see what happened.


Which platforms and devices does this support?

We currently offering this for Google on the desktop.

Can I see which page I am ranking on?

We are tracking keywords on a 100 per page basis, so you won't be able to see the actual page, but you can see which position they were in.

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