Where can I get my API Key?

You can get your API key from our developer section here:

Can I integrate your API key into SPP.io?

Yes - once you integrate your API key into SPP.io, they would be able to automatically input your clients' keywords into the system, and your clients can view their SerpBook rankings through the SPP.io dashboard.

Where can I find the API documentation?

Our API documentation can be found here.

Can I retrieve Spyglass data for a keyword using the API?

Unfortunately, the Spyglass data cannot be called through the API - however, we have a RAW SERP API to allow you to fetch data like the Spyglass.

You can find that information here

How many keywords can I update in a single API call?

There is no limit on the number of keywords, as we have internal algorithms that will automatically prioritize and schedule the update. Larger updates will take a bit longer to be completely worked through.

Is there a limit of how many requests we can send/hour/day?

If you are using the API to add/delete keywords, you can add and delete up to the number of keyword limit per day. For example, if you are on a 500 keyword package, you can delete and add up to 500 keywords per day.
You can retrieve data on a fair usage model, as long as you do not overload our servers, there is no hard limit.

In what currency is the CPC (cost per click) provided?
The currency is USD, and the value depends on the Google region (global for .com / Canada for .ca, etc.).

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