Your Google Analytics account can be directly integrated into SerpBook through here. We would report the number of organic visitors visiting your site each day.

The Google analytics stats is calculated monthly, but is based on ORGANIC visitors only. 

We're currently pulling the ga:organicSearches  value from Google Analytics for this integration.

This is defined in their documentation as:

UI Name: Organic Searches
The number of organic searches

The description of this value states: "The number of organic searches happened in a session. This metric is search engine agnostic."

To get started, click on the "Connect Account" button to link your Google account to SerpBook.

The next step is to grant permission for SerpBook to view your Google Analytics account.

Once connected, select your Google Analytics Profile and the group you would like to associate with it and then click on "Add Google Analytics Profile".

You can Hide or Show the Google Analytics graph from the 3 dots menu on your group dashboard by going to Project Settings.

You can associate your Google Analytics profile with any number of groups.

We hope you find this helpful! If you need any further assistance, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out!

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