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Integrating your Google Analytics Account
Integrating your Google Analytics Account
Updated over a week ago integrates with Google Analytics 3 and Google Analytics 4.

On July 1, 2023 Universal Analytics will be replaced by Google Analytics 4. When this happens any of you projects linked to a Universal Analytics property will not have up to date information.

Your Google Analytics 4 property can be directly integrated into through here. Once connected you will see the results of GA4's Traffic Acquisition > Users by Organic Searches group over time

Note: Depending on your Google Workspace account settings, your connection to Google may need to be reconnected. If you find that your Google Analytics charts are not up to date, reconnect your account so that Google can re-verify the connection. 

To get started, click on the "Connect Account" button to link your Google account to

The next step is to grant permission for to view your Google Analytics account.

Once connected, select your Google Analytics Profile and the project you would like to associate with it and then click on "Add Google Analytics Profile".

You can Hide or Show the Google Analytics graph from the 3 dots menu on your project dashboard by going to Table Settings -> Other Settings..

You can associate your Google Analytics profile with any number of projects.

Google Analytics Graph is Outdated

If the graph shows outdated reporting, this may be caused by an expired access token to Google Analytics.

To resolve this please remove and re-add the analytics account.

  1. Login

  2. Click on the Profile Icon -> Google Analytics

  3. Delete the profile ID of the associated Project.

  4. Click "Switch Account" and go through the Google authentication process.

  5. Under Google Analytics Profile, click the dropdown and look for the correct profile for the Project.

  6. Select the Project you would like to link the profile to.

  7. Click on "Add Google Analytics Profile"

  8. Do the steps above for all your Projects.

After following the steps above, go back to the Project and check if the graph now shows updated data.

If not, please contact customer support for further assistance.

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