Shared Access

Learn how to add users and the types of permission

Updated over a week ago allows you to share your access with anyone to better collaborate with your team in monitoring your keyword rankings. We understand that sharing credentials isn't entirely safe and having everyone on Admin level access can be disastrous at times. That's why addon users may access your account with their own email/password and can have full or partial access to your account.

You can add restrictions so addon users can only view/manage certain groups. Leaving your Groups field blank will set no restrictions.

Add-on users will receive an email that you've shared access to your account with them together with a temporary password so they can log in. They can change their password within their settings once they're logged in.

Types of Permission

  • View Only - Viewing permissions only, cannot edit or delete anything

  • Addon User - Standard addon user, can view and edit categories

  • Admin Access - Can modify your settings, create/delete addon users


What happens if there are an add-on user and a regular account with the same email? will first try to authenticate the regular account, then the addon user as email/password combinations.

How to share access to a user whose email already exists with a regular account

If the email address is [email protected] please enter '[email protected]' as the addon user. The "+" will have the email destination go to the plain email address.

We hope the steps above helped resolve the issue. Otherwise, please feel free to chat with our helpful customer service team.

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