To change or update your email address, you will need to add an admin add-on user first within your settings. This will allow you to grant the new user full access to your other email/account.

Step 1: Go to Settings by clicking on your avatar on the upper right corner

Step 2: Go to the Shared Access tab

Step 3: Add in the new email, select Admin access, then click Save

Please note, selecting Projects will restrict access to unchecked projects.

You will receive an email regarding the change in the new email as well as the default password which you can then change in Settings once you log in.

Afterward, you can disable your main account, this will:

  1. Disable all login attempts to the main account.

  2. Disable all password reset attempts to the main account.

Note: if you're having issues/problems with this process or anything related to your account, feel free to reach our Customer Support team and we will be more than glad to help you.

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