End date in the chart is not up-to-date

If you are seeing that the end date of the chart is not up-to-date, please do the steps below. For example, it is currently March and the chart ends in January.

  1. Re-link your Google Analytics account
  2. Check after 24 hours

Inaccurate rank history

If the chart shows a rank that you think is inaccurate, we recommend following the steps below.

  1. Export your category's history 
  2. Double check the date(s) you think are inaccurate

If you confirmed with the history that the chart's report is not showing the correct rank

  1. Check your settings for "Fill in Rank Drop Gaps in Charts" if it is set to fill in or not

We hope the steps above helped resolve the issue. Otherwise, please feel free to chat with our helpful customer service team. 💁

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