• The Spyglass Tool is used to verify any rankings reported by SerpBook (available for ranking keywords). Clicking on the Spyglass Icon will allow you to see exactly where we see your keyword ranked.
  • The Spyglass tool is available for all keywords. If the keyword is not ranking, we will show you who's ranking on the first page.
  • The Spyglass Tool looks exactly like the image below: 
  • To locate the Spyglass, you should look at the left side of your desired keyword, see screenshot below:

Once you click the Spyglass button, it will then verify your ranking by redirecting to the first page of the SERPs.

The Spyglass tool is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on the day of the keyword update. 

Retrieving Spyglass data for a keyword using API.

The Spyglass data cannot be called through the API - however we have a RAW SERP API to allow you to fetch data like the Spyglass.

You can find that information on this link.

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