Category Metrics are enabled by default and allow you to view keyword movements quickly at a glance. Our category metrics are only for Google ranking as it is the most popular search engine.

Keywords Up

  • This value represents the number of keywords up. The timeframe will be displayed below, for example "Lifetime Change". In the screenshot above, this means that there were 0 keywords that move up, since the lifetime or starting of the keywords being tracked.

Top X

  • This value represents the number of keywords in the top x range. For example, "Top 10" represents the number of keywords in the category ranging from #1-10.


  • This value represent the number of keywords previously ranking in the Top X positions. For example, in the screenshot above, in "Top 10", the vs value is 8. This means that there were previously 8 keywords in the top 10. The vs timeframe is indicated in the first metric box, in the screenshot above, you can see it is comparing it as a "Lifetime Change".


  • This value represents the difference between the Top X value and the vs value. It is simply calculated by (Top X - vs).

You can toggle between up/down/even changes by clicking on the box. Simply click on the number to toggle it.

You can turn category metrics off, or choose to show different comparisons by modifying this setting in your settings.

Custom metric ranges can also be set, to override the default Top x values.

You can also filter the metrics by "Top x Pages" using the format: p[x]. For example: p2 for top 2 pages.


Keywords can be filtered by current keyword rank by clicking on the Spyglass tool at the top of the metrics.

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