Addon Users may access your SerpBook account with their own email/password, and can have full or partial access to your account. You can add/edit Addon users through your settings.

You may add restrictions to restrict the addon user to only being able to vew/manage specified categories. You can also leave the restrictions field blank for no restrictions.

Multiple permission settings are available for addon users.

  • View Only - Viewing permissions only, cannot edit or delete anything
  • Addon User - Standard Addon user, can view and edit categories
  • Admin Access - Can modify your settings, create/delete Addon users, overwrite passwords 

Your main SerpBook account will be displayed in the first row, you also have the option to enable / disable the main account if you wish to change or update your email.

What happens if there is an addon user and a regular SerpBook account with the same email?

Serpbook will first try to authenticate the regular SerpBook account, then the addon user as email/password combinations

To add an addon user whose email already exists with a regular SerpBook account

If the email address is [email protected] please enter '[email protected]' as the addon user. The "+" will have the email destination go to the plain email address.

Updating Passwords
To update the addon user's new password, simply enter in a new password to update to. 

If you wish to leave the password alone, simply ignore this field

Issues Logging into your Main Account
It's possible that you login to your account and find that all your keywords are 'gone' or your keyword package is different. This is most likely because you've created a new trial account under the same email/password combination

  1. Change the password to something else in your current account
  2. Logout, then log back in using the same previous password
  3. You should be in your old account 
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