This chart displays your category's keyword visibility in Google. It is scored out of 100, and it is calculated by assigning points to each keyword based on their keyword ranking.
Each keyword starts off at a score of 100, then 1 point is subtracted for every rank they are behind.
Rank #1 = 100 points
Rank #2 = 99 points
Rank #3 = 98 points
Rank #10 = 91 points
Rank #100 = 1 point
Rank #101 = 0 points
Rank #102+ = 0 points
Afterwards, the score is divided by the number of keywords in the category.

Category Average

This chart displays the average ranking of the keywords in your category. Only ranking keywords are included in this data.
Both of these graphs can be hidden by toggling the option within your settings (Under "Category Metrics").

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