First either create a new category, from the top menu "Create Category" or navigate into an existing category.

Second, click on the "Add Keywords" button if the form is not yet open.

To add in a keyword you must Input your domain name (red box) and your keywords (one keyword per line) into the form (green box), and select the Google region you wish to track.(blue box)

***You must select the corresponding language with the appropriate region if you decide to track a different Google region.

Change Location
Ticking off the "Change Location" checkbox will force SerpBook to check your keyword from your desired ZIP code/location.
This should be used if you plan on checking keywords that rely on local traffic (i.e. "dentist" with a search location of Toronto). 

For example, if you depend on traffic or want to search from a specific location like a certain Zip Code, this option would be best for you. Click here for more details about changing location.

Bulk Importer
Multiple domains/keywords can be added in using the "Bulk Importer" feature. Once this option is ticked, you can add in your domains/keywords in the format "" (one per line). Click here for more details regarding Bulk Importer.

Exact Feature
Ticking off the "Exact" checkbox will force SerpBook to only report back your inputted URL. Otherwise SerpBook will report back the first ranking URL it finds by default (read more).

Ignore Local Listings
Ticking off the "Ignore Local Listings" checkbox will force SerpBook to ignore Google Places/Local listings. Click here for more details in tracking keywords on a local level.

*** if your having issues/problems with this process or anything related to your account, feel free to reach our customer support team and they will be more than glad to help you***

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